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3. Quick headache test—do it now!
TRY THIS QUICK HEADACHE TEST! (About two-thirds of our patients respond to this quick test and it won’t hurt to give it a try. Non-response does NOT indicate that your problem is not coming from your neck.)
Diagram of face highlighting sinus areaDiagram of face highlighting sinus area1. Stop and pay attention to your face RIGHT NOW and see if you have any pressure or discomfort in that blue (sinus) area in the illustration to the right. Then, identify the exact location of the symptom (fullness or pressure) FURTHEST DOWN from your eye(s) no matter how mild that symptom is. And think of how intense that symptom is.
Photo of woman with chin in palm of hand2. Now put your chin in the palm of your hand, rest your elbow on your desk, and slump. In other words, totally relax your chin into your palm. Let your head move forward and your chin up—the “sniffing position” like you’re smelling a flower—see picture to the right.
3. Stay in that position for one minute. If that sinus symptom changes, common sense says your sinus symptom is coming from your NECK, not from “an allergy problem,” because all you changed was your neck position. If you’re unsure whether your sinus symptom changed, sit back up super-straight (like a military posture: shoulders back, chin tucked in, and see if your sinus symptoms worsen again).
If you’re in the 2/3 of our patients who notice the connection between their neck and their sinus symptoms, you’ve just identified yourself as someone who can likely FIX your head and face symptoms!
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