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5. What do I do now?
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You will be assessed by Nasha Holt, MD. Dr. Holt is a Family Physician who has exclusively focused her practice on headache-related issues since 2006. In addition to her medical background, Dr. Holt has received extensive training in the Strategic Orthopedics Spine System, which provides a specialized therapuetic neck exercise approach to neck-generated head and face pain. Dr. Holt is in the unique position of being able to offer a comprehensive approach to headaches that heals the source of head, face and neck pain. In the care of headache patients, she:

Nasha Holt, MD1. Rules out threatening causes of headaches (like tumors, infection, brain bleeds and hypertension) with a thorough medical evaluation.

2. Provides pain medication management until healing allows the tapering of pain meds. This includes safely transitioning patients from meds that cause rebound headaches.

3. Carefully educates patients and encourages consistent lifestyle choices which promote healing of the neck structures that cause headaches. Topics covered include how to optimize sleep, adopt a health-promoting diet, choose neck-friendly exercise, practice effective stress management techniques, and nutritional supplementation.

4. Provides a detailed mechanical evaluation of the cervical spine. This forms the basis for instructing patients in progressive neck exercises that heal common sources of head and face pain.

5. Refers patients for consultation to specialty colleagues in Neurology and Pain Management, as patient needs require (e.g. cervical ESI's, EMG studies, second opinions for refractory pain problems).

» Evaluation Time: 1 1/2 hours
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