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The source of nerve irritation that causes headaches


Normal anatomy and function to heal headache root causes


Your life through balanced, pain-free, pill-free living

Our patients continue to have the option to be seen via TELEMEDICINE appointments. Contact us for details.

At the Headache Institute of Texas, we focus with meticulous care on resolving the root cause of head and face pain.

By healing root causes, our patients experience natural, long-lasting relief of their headaches and migraines.

Have you ever wondered what really causes your headaches? If so, you are not alone! If you want to learn more about the physical cause of your symptoms, watch our video on What Causes Headaches.

Does This Describe Your Life?

With the number of symptoms they have, and most of them invisible to others, our patients tell us they end up feeling like they are crazy.

Patients say, “My pain and daily symptoms often produce”:

□ Irritability
□ Sleep problems
□ Difficulty concentrating
□ Anxiety
□ Decreased libido
□ Depressed mood

□ Inability to do housework, home projects, or exercise
□ Difficulty making plans without symptoms derailing my day
□ Missed work days
□ Difficulty being the parent or spouse I want to be
□ Ongoing expenses (both time and money) for temporary relief
□ Worry about potential organ damage from repeated use of pain medication

If this describes your life, you are not alone.

That’s how headaches and their associated symptoms make people feel.

Let’s get to work to fix the root cause of your problem.